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In the Spirit of Collaboration

December 31, 2009

I promise to get to more substantive posts soon, but I wanted to get at least one more post up on the blog before the end of 2009.   And so I am announcing my “Working Together to Subtitle the Blog” Challenge!

Modern science is all about collaboration.  Much of what is done in science today is too expensive and time consuming to be done by just one person or group.  Working together also brings in multiple points of view, which makes for stronger results.

So, in the spirit of collaboration, I have decided to ask my faithful audience (Hi Mom!) to suggest possible subtitles for the blog.  The current subtitle is “science everybody should understand,” which I think is OK, but something catchier would be nice.  Maybe something playing on the theme of  Tiny Science, a title I chose partly because I want the blog to be about scientific discoveries broken down into easily understandable chunks and partly because I spend all day looking at very, very small things under a microscope.

Any and all suggestions welcome, just please keep them polite.  The winning suggestion (if there is one) will be announced January 7th, 2010.

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