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Practical Advise for Safe Eating?

March 24, 2010

Environmental Working Group provides consumer info on pesticide loads

There is a lot of information in the world about risks from pesticides and the benefits of eating organic, but little in the way of practical advise.  The Environmental Working Group has released its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides, a list of best-to-worst rankings for pesticide exposure from the most commonly consumed fruits and vegetables in the US.

The EWG provides a good, short summary of the current knowledge on the dangers of pesticides, including the limitations of that knowledge.  They even provide references to their original sources, so you can check out that information for yourself.  They are very careful to point out that the exact health effects of various pesticides and pesticide mixtures are still unknown, but stress that in their opinion, consumers have a right to know the best estimates for pesticide load in their food so that they can make informed choices about what they buy and eat.

EWG Tuna Consumption Calculator

Also of interest at the EWG website, a summary of current scientific consensus canned tuna and mercury exposure and a tuna consumption calculator.  It claims to advise you, based on FDA guidelines and tailored to your weight and sex, how much canned tuna you can safely consume per week, assuming you are an adult, are not pregnant, and eat no other fish.

As with all discussions of health claims on this site, this information can be used as a starting point for a discussion with your own physician about your exact health needs.  It should not be used as a substitute for sound, personalized health advise.

Thanks to my lovely friend over at the Cibo Matto food blog for sharing this link!

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