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Answer to the Friday Whatsit from March 26, 2010

March 29, 2010

The Question

Friday whatsit for March 26, 2010

What is this?

Here’s our Friday Whatsit from March 26, 2010.  You probably see this guy every day, you just never knew he was there.  You can see it with the naked eye (barely) but in this image he’s magnified 800 times.  The object he lives on is common in American life, but some people have started to question its usefulness and value.

Something about this should look familiar.  Does this help?  The copper color should also be a giveaway.

The Answer

If you said this is President Lincoln on the back of the American penny, you would be right.


The penny, with Lincoln in his memorial

There is a tiny little Abraham Lincoln in the Memorial building on the back of the penny, and this is it.  Don’t believe me?  Dig a penny out of your penny jar and take a look!  You should be able to see him with the naked eye, especially on a shiny new penny.  A magnifying glass will help too.


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