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Bicycles, Tomatoes and Condoms — Oh my!

May 28, 2010

What do these three everyday items have in common?  They are profiled in a new(-ish) book!

The Twitter feed from sciencegoddess turned me on to a book out last year called “Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet: Everyday Things to Help Solve Global Warming” * by Eric Sorensen, published by Sierra Club Books.  You can read an excerpt in this article from last summer’s Seattle Times.

* Not to disparage the author, ’cause it sounds like an awesome book, but I need to say that I think we should shift to using the term “global climate change” not “global warming.”  The effects of increased greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere will not be uniform warming across the Earth, but will vary from location to location and could even include some locations experiencing cooler than previous average temperatures during all or part of the year.


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