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“Sweet Home Apparatus”

June 8, 2010

My boss sent this link to me with the subject heading “way too much time.”   I don’t know if he means the people who made the video have way too much free time, or that it must have taken way too much time to put together, or that HE has spent way too much time this morning watching science-themed YouTube videos.   However you want to interpret his statement, he did find a cool video on one of the lesser-known cell sub-structures (organelles) the Golgi Apparatus:

This is a collaboration between Oxford University’s Plant Endomembrane Research Group and the band Professor Science, headed by David Mansfield.  Props to the Research Group for the stunning images of Golgi in real cells, this video really was a lot of work to put together.


Fibroblast cells stained for nuclei (blue) actin (red) and microtubules (green). Image by the author from Molecular Probes pre-made slides.

To cleanse the brain of that super catchy Golgi song, I thought I would give everyone another educational cell biology video.  As a public service.

In 2006, the BioVisions group at Harvard University made and eight minute animated film called “The Inner Life of the Cell.”  It is AWESOME.  Link 1 has limited printed captions and music, link 2 is the same video minus the music / plus audio commentary and Link 3 adds closed captioning for the audio commentary.  Of course, the Harvard site provides version 2 of the video with higher resolution if you have good download speed.

And in a related feed, if you have never heard of the TEDTalks, you should look them up.  TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and I have never seen a TEDTalk that I didn’t like.  Here is a video of Medical illustrator/animator David Bolinksy giving a talk (with gorgeous illustrations) on medical / biological illustration at the 2007 TEDTalks.


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