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Answer to the Friday Whatsit for June 23, 2010

July 26, 2010

No guesses this week, although Jenn did say the image looked awfully familiar. . . Probably because this is really a bit of a movie we made with her cells and my microscope.   These structures are the chained together version of organelles called mitochondria.  Most of the time they are just short little rods, but this was a particularly pretty reticular pattern.  Before we melted the mitochondria (and nearly the cells) into little balls with some chemicals.  But all in the name of science!

Next week. . . something from the garden???

  1. April permalink

    I showed Keith the picture because it was pretty and he says “oh yeah I read that yesterday, I think it’s mitochondria because her clue was that it’s the porwehouse of the cells”. I asked him why he didn’t guess, he says he didn’t know how…


    So much for having a genius bf right?

    • Wow.

      That’s exactly like the Bio-Physics graduate students here. They do crazy hard stuff like write MatLab algorithms to analyze the cell movies they make, but then forget to FEED the cells and wonder why they all ball up and float away instead of crawling around.

      Also, note to self, do not eat granola bars while checking the comments section. Snorting granola hurts.

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