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Friday Whatsit for September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010

What is this?

What is this?

After a three week hiatus, the Friday Whatsit has returned!  Yay!  My four loyal readers will be overjoyed!

This is a little number that I shot at 100x actual size with just white light, no natural glow here.  I put the object on the stage and let light shine though, then took the black and white picture and put on the fancy color scheme.  I think it looks a like stained glass.  Or a circulatory system. What do you think?

Have fun guessing (in the comments section) the identity of the original object.  Hints: this was part of a living thing in a park near my work, but that thing was not harmed in the collection of this sample.


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  1. Tim Murphy permalink

    I have two thoughts but I’ll go with my first reaction…some sort of leaf.

  2. April permalink

    I think it’s a leaf too, maybe a fallen leaf since it’s so red but you can see the blue coming through. It reminds me of the gold dipped aspen leaves they sell at every tourist store in Colorado.

  3. My loyal readers are happy and guessing!

    Leaf is close but not quite. It did fall off a tree, and the real thing is brown, I just added the funky colors at the end. I found it in late July/early August, so you have to ask yourself: what else to trees drop besides their leaves?

  4. Linda Moritz permalink

    Cicada wing?

  5. April permalink

    They drop seeds. It kinda reminds me of one of those helicopter seeds since they kinda have a leaf attached to them.

    • Yay! Circle gets the square! It is from the papery part of the helicopter seed! Another correct guess by April!

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