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Friday Whatsit for October 15, 2010

October 15, 2010


what is this?

What is it?

Look kids!  The whatsit is back!  Again!  Yay!

Columbus Day, while controversial, was nonetheless Monday.  In honor of  Columbus and his voyage across the ocean blue, here’s a little Whatsit from the sea.

Have fun guessing in the comments section, the answer will be posted on Monday!

PS: The strings that are more visible in the enlarged version are not normally part of the object.  That’s just from carrying it around in my pocket.


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  1. Murph permalink

    I’m going with sponge.

    • Good guess. Fun, but no, not sponge. Interesting idea for a future whatsit though. . .

  2. April permalink

    Looks like a seashell to me. At first I thought fish skin but I know you wouldn’t carry that around in your pocket.

    • I could carry fish skin around in my pocket, you never know 🙂 No, not fish skin or a seashell, but close. Think of something that is sort of like a cross between a seashell and a sponge.

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