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Friday Whatsit for November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010

Last Friday Whatsit during Daylight Savings Time!  If you are in the US or parts of Canada, you get an extra hour to guess this whatsit.  Sadly, Summer Time ended for the Britain and parts of Europe on October 31, so I hope everyone there got to spend your extra hour doing something equally fun.

What is this?

Today’s Friday whatsit is NOT a microscopy image.  I know, shocking.  But it still has to do with science.  Check out posts with this tag on Tiny Science.  Shameless self-promotion for me, helpful clues for you.

Leave a guess or two in the comments section.  Answer will be posted (refreshed from an extra weekend hour) on Monday.


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  3. April permalink

    Looks like an electrophoresis gel. DNA stuff with all the bands. Also looks like wordpress isn’t doing as well with the spam control lately.

    • You should see the stuff it does catch, all the comments that make no sense except as alphabetized keywords for searches loaded with links to cheap cell phones and porn.

      Chris said the same thing about the gel, that its a DNA gel, and you are both right. It is part of a DNA sequencing gel.

  4. April permalink

    yay! I like being good at Friday Whatsit. 🙂

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