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Friday Whatsit for November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

what is it

What are these?

This week’s image is of something we don’t usually see, but encounter quite often in daily life.  They are present in foods and drinks, and we even harbor them on our own bodies.

These little avocado-shaped things (and yes, they are living things) are magnified 1000 x times and still seem small to most biologists.  That’s because they are smaller than a plant or animal cell, but bigger than a bacterium or virus.

So if they are not animals, plants, bacteria or viruses, what are they?  Whip out ye olde knowledge of the five kingdoms of life and take a guess in the comments section.  The answer will be posted on Monday!

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  1. Kaleigh permalink

    Ooh! Ooh! I think I know this one! Is it a protozoa?

    • Hi Kaleigh! These do bear a striking resemblance to tetrahymena, which are awesome little critters as far as protozoans go. I have pictures of those, but they are not what is pictured here today. I swear.

  2. April permalink

    I vote for Fungi spores. They remind me of eggs and pollen. which are basically the same thing. so I vote fungus.
    Mostly because I like the sound of the word fungi

    • There are so many bad puns that can be made with the word “fungi.” These are fungi, but they are not spores. Each object is a whole organism, and these fungi reproduce by budding. Everyone is just going to kick themselves when they find out what these are.

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