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Friday Whatsit for January 14, 2011

January 14, 2011


Cool, no? Click to enjoy the 3D-ness

This is a little movie that I made showing the structure of a common thing in 3D, just 400x larger than you would normally see it.

The colors in the movie are not those found in nature.  Normally the red bits are green and the green bits have no color.  Colors here are for better contrast.  So what is this thing that I made all movie-fied?

Bonus points for names of inner structures, like the little red blobs (that are normally green) and the bits of green that look like they have holes in them.  Leave your guesses in the comments section; I’ll post the answer on Monday.  Yes, even though it is Martin Luther King Day in the US.  No rest for the wicked science types on this particular holiday.



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  1. Gina Ruttle permalink

    Can’t tell what it is without my 3D glasses..:-)) Oh, I’ll take a stab at it; The Creature From The Black Lagoon? (For younger readers, the Creature movie was filmed in 3D and one had to wear special 3D glasses to get the full effect which was generally less than advertised.)

    • Hee hee. I should post a real anaglyph one of these days. Although there are a shortage of red/blue 3D glasses floating around in the world. Plus they never seem to fit right on anybody’s face, which partially explains why the 3D effect is never as good as advertised.

      This is why I prefer Smell-O-Vision 😀

  2. Mary Bankhead permalink

    I’m going with a section of a plant, showing multiple plant cell walls (green) and chlorophyll (red).

    • You go Mary! It is a part of a plant, with cell walls in green (you can even see some of the sieve plates) and chloroplasts in red.

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