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Friday Whatsit for January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Hello and welcome to the Friday Whatsit.  This Friday’s Whatsit was inspired by a guess on a previous post.

Friday whatsit

What is this?

The guess didn’t match the picture at the time, but I thought it would look cool to get up close and personal with the object.  So I headed to the kitchen and tried it out.  Turned out to be harder than I thought, those little things reflect a lot of light. . .

Leave your guesses in the comments section, answer on Monday.

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  1. Mary Bankhead permalink

    Is it one of those plastic scrubby sponges? The color may be influencing my guess here. The tubes look like worms with those stripes on them – a second guess would be some kind of slime mold/worm thing. From outer space.

  2. Hi Mary! Scrubby sponge would be cool, and that has been guessed before, but no, not a scrubby sponge. Do let the color be a guide through, this thing is known for it’s color.

  3. April permalink

    Looks like the juice pods of a citrus fruit, Orange or lemon maybe?
    Or gummi worms

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