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Answer to the Friday Whatsit for February 11, 2011

February 14, 2011


Interesting snow texture

Congratulations to April and Aunt Linda! This is snow from the big Groundhog Day blizzard, piled up in tiny little hills by the wind blowing across a field and then highlighted by the setting sun.  There is still plenty of snow all over the Midwest, although warmer temperatures over the weekend helped to start the meltdown.

Unless they were one of the hundreds trapped a mess like Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive during the blizzard, people are grudgingly admitting that once the driving home and digging out were done, all that snow was kind of fun.  People went sledding, started snowball fights, adapted their kite boards for snow surfing, all kinds of things.  And then they took pictures or shot video and posted to YouTube and Facebook, making the Blizzard of February 2011 one of the most well-documented in history.

There was even a story on NPR Science Friday (love me some Science Friday) about the tiny, but very real, threat posed by urban avalanches.  Truly people are more likely to be hit by a Chevy Avalanche than a rooftop avalanche, but it’s interesting to think that the same forces at work during a mountain avalanche can come into play on a suburban roof.

And if your just tired of snow and winter in general, take heart.  MLB training camps open today.


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