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Earth Hour 2011 Tonight!

March 26, 2011

Help celebrate the fifth annual Earth Hour by turning off your lights for an hour tonight, starting at 8:30pm local time!

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia.  Organized by the World Wildlife Fund, it was a way to raise awareness of Global Climate Change and the simple things that each person can do to help preserve the natural resources of our planet.  Each year the celebration has grown to include more people in more countries, and this year it is expected to include 1.3 billion people in 138 different countries worldwide.

There are many reasons to celebrate Earth Hour and this video from highlights my favorite.  Use it as a time to slow down, to simplify, to reconnect with what is really important in your life.  Too often we are caught up in a fast-paced global panic cycle.  Everything is a crisis of global proportion and we are overwhelmed.  It makes us just want to give up.  But if we slow down, gather our resources and act locally — within our communities, our homes and our families — we can make a difference AND keep our sanity.

When it’s over, let’s keep with this year’s theme and go Beyond the Hour.  Let’s think of ways we can change our lives and our communities for our own good AND the good of the planet.  It doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be something.  Maybe we can walk or bike somewhere instead of driving.  Maybe just once a week.  To work, to school, to the store, to the park.  Maybe we can turn off the TV and read, play card games, or share music with our family or friends.  By connecting with what we have as a community, we recognize that its worth saving what we share as a planet.


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