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Friday Whatsit for April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

Alright everyone.  Since EVERYBODY who wrote in on the Whatsit last week was right, I’ve decided not only to I have an exceptionally smart readership, maybe perhaps I’m also giving too many hints.  Just a thought.  This makes things totally no fun, at least for me.  How am I supposed to get ideas for future posts if everyone keeps getting the right answer!

What are these?

So, awesome readers, turn your minds to these cool things.  You could hold one in your hand, but don’t squeeze it!  There’s precious cargo inside.  What are they?  Leave your guesses in the comments section, the answer will be posted on Monday.


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  1. April permalink

    So I’m pretty sure I was there when you took this, so I’m not going to say anything.

    • Yeah, you were there. It was from the Christmas trip in 2009. You may have even taken this picture, I have everybody’s pictures all mixed up in that album.

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