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Science is All Around You

April 1, 2011

This holiday Friday, in addition to our usual Whatsit, I’d like to issue a bonus post.  I know, right?  How lucky can you get?

This post highlights an important part of every budding scientist’s education: the science video.  Second only to learning to embrace failure, being able to watch an entire science video without falling asleep is the most important step on the road to becoming a successful scientist.

I personally love these things, especially if they have British narrators.  The Look Around You series is an all time favorite.  If you didn’t get to watch them in school, get our your workbooks and prepare to be educated!

Special thanks to BioChemical Brother for his Freshly Pressed post featuring the Look Around You module on water.

  1. April permalink

    Wait, what? ha ha!

  2. George permalink

    Thanks for the shout out. Love the blog btw.

    • Thanks for stopping by and lending encouragement, George. BioChemical Brother is a great blog — I wish I could make as much time to write as you do.

  3. April permalink

    Oh, dear sister, do you not recall the fake boyfriend you made up when I was in middle school. That charade went on for months. You also convinced me that monsters would eat me if we were still in the garage when the door closed, and the bathroom when the tub finished draining. You most definitely started doing this in childhood.
    And the video only fooled me until the words triple helix were uttered.
    Then it was non-stop giggles.

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