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Answer to the Friday Whatsit for November 4, 2011

November 7, 2011

No correct guesses for this week’s Whatsit, apparently no one looks as hard at their herb garden as I do.  This is the tip of a leaf of basil, which I have moved indoors now that it’s getting rather cold at night in the upper Midwest.  Its one of the last touches of green in an increasingly brown world.  April did put in a good guess of evergreen needle, but since that one’s sort of been done in Whatsit form already I thought I would mix it up a little bit.

Hopefully I can add a picture of the whole basil plant and a little information on this wonderful herb later today or tomorrow, but I wanted to get the answer out at its usual time.


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  1. Gina Ruttle permalink

    Well, DUH! How did I miss this one??? :-)))

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